Yellow kites. Yellow flowers. The golden rays of the sweltering sun. The smooth-to-look-at but rough-to-touch craft papers with her loopy handwriting stuck to the wall. Her cute camisole with it yellow straps. “Too much yellow today,” he whispers to himself.

There are days when colors just burst out at you. Out of every crevice and corner. Wherever you look, you see colors. And beauty.

I’m more of a black and white kind of girl. Or maybe a sepia kind of girl. I like dark tones and mellow hues. I’ve never been the one who took to brightness easily. I like darkness. Maybe a bit too much sometimes. I am up all night, embracing the dark, pulling thoughts out of the deep, shadowy fissures inside my mind, contemplating, writing, living and I fall asleep only after there is a tinge of light orange in the sky.  Maybe I don’t just like darkness. Maybe I love it. Even in my dreams, I can’t escape it.

Today though, I fell in love with the color yellow, for which I never really cared much about before. It happened when I suddenly heard giggling from outside my window. It was the sweetest sound I’d heard in a long time. And then I heard a man laughing. In tune to the giggling. I got up then to see the source of such happiness. The first thing I saw was a bright yellow beautiful kite against the blue sky. My eyes followed the thread it was strung by only to land on the cutest pair of hands holding on to it. The hands belonged to a tiny muppet. A giggly one. Wearing a yellow frock herself. And red socks and yellow shoes. And two tiny pony tails. Man, did she have style. Happiness radiated off her plump cheeks. Her already tall dad stood a little further looking proudly at her, which made him look even taller. They were running together in pauses. I leaned out and said to her, “Hi sweetheart, that’s the most beautiful kite I’ve ever seen.” And her answer was more giggles. And I fell in love with Yellow. That’s what I’ve named her. Her dad nodded and smiled at me. And they went along playing and laughing.

I just stood there and watched, until they waved at me and vanished from sight. And then I stood there some more. And suddenly I became so aware of everything surrounding me. I noticed the colors all around. The rays of the sun coming at me, playing with my fingers and getting caught up in my hair. Falling on the bunnies running about. Giving the clouds a honeyish tinge. I stood there and twirled my fingers in the air, letting them pair up and dance with the sunbeams for sometime. I turned around then, and saw that some of the notes and poems I stick to my wall are all in bright yellow paper. The light from the lamp in my room is yellow. The walls are yellow. And so was I in my yellow camisole. Coincidence? I breathed and felt very alive in that moment. Then I decided to text my parents and sent them lots of kisses because I felt nice and happy. And the smileys are yellow too. With red. Just like the little muppet.

I don’t color usually, because I’m horrible at it. But this little one deserves all the colors in the world, so I decided to make an exception. Because of her, I love yellow now. In my mind, she is the color yellow. Forever.


Hello world, say hi to Yellow

Yellow camisole. With its spaghetti like straps. Against the bare skin of her shoulders and neck. Her skin on fire. Caught in sunbeams. “Too much yellow today,” he says to himself, as he falls in love with yellow.

~ Cat

PS. The one in italics is just fiction. Me thinking of a guy falling in love with a girl wearing a yellow camisole. It’s not related to the cute little muppet.


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5 Responses to Yellow

  1. Darkwriter11 says:

    I love this story Cat 🙂 It’s so cute and warm. I must say, that the brief explanation on the relationship to darkness was quite fascinating. Darkness is something that’s hard to love but still, I myself find it so enticing; it is a fatal attraction if you will (yet still here I am.)
    The idea of the color yellow is quite fitting. This little muppet, she embodies the color. I dunno. I’m rambling at this point. Really great post Cat! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like your illustration of this little girl — you caught her spirit and her exquisite cuteness! I worked for years in a preschool and know how young children can be magical. This one caught you in her spell. You caught it with your words so well.

    Liked by 1 person

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