Slowing Down the World

I had a penpal when I was younger, and I was thinking a few days back about how we had been writing back and forth for quite some time, and that I can rule that this penpal experiment of ours had been successful, and that it will continue being so in the futur should I choose another pen pal.. Nice feeling, that is.

I feel like we’re a part of something different and special because we’re living in a world that is fast-paced, that is changing every minute, that is full of technology and new things, and here we are writing letters to each other. Yes, I know technically, we are emailing them, instead of posting them to one another the old-fashioned way, but this is better because we can write everyday, without waiting to hear from each other for weeks and days.

Okay, hold on, I just had an image of me tying scrawls of a letter to my raven and sending it my penpal’s way. I wrote the letter with an actual quill dipped in dark blue ink with beautiful penmanship. I am also wearing a corseted Victorian style dress, but my corset’s secretly slutty, well because, it’d be a shame not to be a secretly slutty Victorian woman if ever given the chance πŸ˜› And I keep my hair open, unlike the other women who braid their hair or put it in buns like proper ladies, and wear incredibly huge and decorative hats. They frown upon me just because of that. Victorian men and women were snobs, I tell you. Ohh this is turning out to be an interesting story. I will continue this story in another rambling maybe. How and where did I, Victorian Cat cross paths with the heavily booted, ever smirking and charming person? And why are we exchanging secret letters? Are we secret Victorian assassins planing to murder the queen or are we members of the elite cult of Master Penmen? Find out in the next episode of Victorian Cat Tales πŸ˜€

Oops, I digressed quite a lot. So, as I was saying, here we are writing letters and slowing down the world and time in our own way. I think there are certain things that can slow down the world – handwritten or typed letters, quiet starry nights, quiet cloudy nights, storms with thunder and lightening, secondhand books and diaries with yellowed brittle pages, reading amazing novels, black and white photographs capturing moments, kissing, empty beaches (specially at night) with waves, valleys untouched and surrounded by hills or mountains, listening to beautiful music alone or with only one or two people present in any of these settings, the way leaves on trees dance around with sunbeams as if only they can hear the music, watching rain fall through a window and catching the fragrance of wet mud in the air, the smell of rosecookies as Christmas comes closer (you have to come to my house to experience this one), watching old sitcoms and series like The Wonder Years or movies like It’s a Wonderful Life all snuggled up in your pjs with the family, laughing till the tummy hurts, watching your dog snuggle up to you sleepily as you pet, scratch and have one-sided conversations (which they seem to understand) with them, watching someone’s face as they sing to you, whispered or low conversations and rambles in the night with just one other person next to you, sipping on a steaming mug of hot chocolate or coffee as you take in any of these moments – I’m sure I forgot quite a lot and haven’t experienced many more, or simply, didn’t look hard enough.

Slow down, world.

Slow down, world.

Sometimes, we forget to take a breather. Sometimes, we forget that it’s us who have to stop running and slow down first in order to watch the world slow down. When the world slows down, you find moments that got lost in the rush hour; moments that were small yet were meant to be savored and appreciated. They were right there in front of you all this time. They just needed you to be still and look harder for them.

I just took a moment to appreciate that I had an entire person who used to slow down the world for me when I would forget to do so. How awesome is that?

~ Cat

PS.Β What slows down the world for you? And for what, or for whom, do you slow down the world?

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8 Responses to Slowing Down the World

  1. Darkwriter11 says:

    Hmm… I think what slows down the world for me is merely taking time to go for walks. The world goes from 100 to 10 real quick and I miss having these moments. I do not appreciate them often enough.
    Lovely post Cat. As always.

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    • Roguecatt says:

      Yes, walks are my thing too. Over the past year, walks have become a kind of catharsis for me. I totally get what you mean. A group of three or four friends and I used to go for late night walks almost every night, and then lie on the grass of a football field, and talk and look at the stars or clouds. It used to be amazing. We discovered so many cool and beautiful new places because we got lost a lot.

      And, thank you so much πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh it is so nice to have you back with your posts that make me think and feel good thought and good feelings. Crocheting slows the world down for me as I feel the soft yarn wend its way through my fingers and lose myself in the colors.

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  3. I also love your illustrations…

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  4. Darkwriter11 says:

    Hey Cat! Got a quick favor to ask of you… Would you be interested in being my blogging buddy? I mean, if I’m gonna have one, at least let it be someone as wonderful as you, right? If you’re interested, email me at and maybe we can coordinate some guest blogs. If nothing else, we can stay really good friends πŸ™‚

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