The Perfect Waltz

I miss the shadow of your eyelashes on the pillow as the moonbeams would dance and twirl in through the window, and settle on your peaceful face. Stardust always followed, as if the beams were their carpet of welcome, and the white halo around you, their dance floor. The soft breeze outside was their music, it seemed. All night long, they would waltz – on your cheeks, on your forehead, on your lips, and yes, on your eyelashes. They’d get caught in your hair and shimmer. So perfectly. And all night long, I would watch, mesmerized, as you slept oblivious to the wonder you created. Yes, you created the wonder.

For without you, the moonbeams, the stardust, the wind, they all fall and break on the concave dent of the pillow where your head used to rest, and they shatter into a million pieces as they find nothing now to be captured by and held in; nothing to reflect their beauty.

Harsh white light is all I see now as I stay awake to the sound of the winds howling.

~ Cat

PS. I really wanted to illustrate this, but I wrote it on a whim while lying in bed. Maybe I’ll do a sketch and add it later if I get time. Long hours at work is the reason I haven’t been able to leisurely sketch and write recently.

I’ll try to be more regular with my posts from now on πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day, people.

About Roguecatt

Someone in love with words. And a lot on her mind.
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5 Responses to The Perfect Waltz

  1. Just beautiful. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Darkwriter11 says:

    Great imagery. Why it makes me miss my old bedside window where the moon just gazed at me through the night. I miss it. Thank you Cat! Would love to see a sketch soon πŸ˜€


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